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The primary objective of my blog is to establish a constructive dialogue with you in order to demystify all the dimensions of innovation and its impact on the economic health of SMEs. Thus, I would like to reflect with you on the two dimensions of innovation, namely innovation management and innovation itself, or its manifestation in the field. I also promise you articles from important research being done in the world’s most renowned universities on these two dimensions of innovation. Of course, innovation is a vast subject and I have no pretension to treat it in its entirety. I intend to focus my interventions on the importance of innovation on the economic health of SMEs with a certain technological content.

As we all know, we live in an era of increasing technological acceleration and this challenges the traditional ways of doing business, especially for SMEs. Access to information has become instantaneous and with the progressive arrival of all kinds of robots, many jobs done today by humans will disappear. The arrival of sensors, LIDARS, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and all the impressive advances that are taking place right now in artificial intelligence are rapidly accelerating technological progress. All companies are condemned to follow this rapid evolution and anticipate the changes and trends to come if they want to maintain their offers at a competitive level and especially adapted to technological changes. Today, it is recognized that the sustainable prosperity of a company depends first and foremost on innovation by adopting a holistic approach that takes into consideration, among other things, a cultural transformation that favours managerial management oriented towards creativity and audacity and agile processes inspired by startup practices.

Here are some of the topics I want to explore in my next publications:

  • The three pillars required for any innovative company
  • What are the types of innovations to be reinforced in an SME. We will address 4 types of innovations to answer what an SME should strengthen to (i) stay in the race, (ii) extend its current market, (iii) adapt to the environment and, (iv) how to create a new market
  • What are the ingredients of DNA-innovation to foster?
  • What is the difference between the innovation model of large companies and that of startups? We will explain the creativity process according to the startup approach

Your comments and suggestions for topics are greatly appreciated!

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